The Dispute Resolution team comprise of experienced barristers and expert arbiters. We actively pursue all avenues of dispute resolution options on each matter and advise our clients to chose the most appropriate method to resolve same. Our mission is to resolve our client’s disputes quickly and effectively with minimal disruption to their business and lifestyle as far as possible. Our mission is to be proactive, smart and effective with our work.

We resolve all Commercial/Company/Corporate We represent and assist parties to resolve all such disputes including;

  • Directorship/Shareholding disputes

  • Debenture Holder’s actions

  • Receivership/Insolvency issues

  • General corporate and Securities litigation

  • Judicial Review applications against Regulator’s actions

We resolve all Family Law/Estate Matters. Our work here includes;

  • Effecting and robustly representing clients in Divorce/financial provision/property settlement matters

  • Effecting and representing clients in Child Custody, Access, Maintenance, Abduction matters

  • Application and procuring of Probates and Letters of Administration

  • Filing of Caveats, dealing with Estate Intermeddling, demand for accounts etc in Estate Matters

  • Adoption, Fosterage and Guardianship

Our specialist work in resolving Credit and Debt Recovery Matters include;

  • Effecting fast Debt Recoveries and defending against unwarranted claims.

  • Seizure and realization of mortgage/collateral properties

  • Enforcement of Lease Financing agreements

Our dispute resolution work on Land/ Real Estate matters are vast and extensive. We advise and assist our clients to secure and enforce their landed property interests. We assist our clients to obtain and defend against several matters including that of;

  • Injunctions

  • Specific Performance

  • Declaration of Title

  • Recovery of Possession

  • Damages for trespass, etc

  • Partitioning and Buy-out

  • Prosecution and Defence of Security Realisation

  • Enforcement of contracts for sale/lease/rent of landed interests

Our dispute resolution work on Intellectual Property matters include;

  • Effecting and enforcing Anti-counterfeiting measures, brand protection, seeking remedies/damages etc for infringement of IP rights, etc.

  • Representation in IP litigation matters (securing interim/permanent injunctions, conducting investigations, etc)

  • Opposition and third-party actions