Our work here entails helping business clients to minimize operational and regulatory risks. We provide company and compliance advice to businesses on the legal issues which regularly impact their work.

Our Corporate work generally include;

• Advising on business takeover situations, shareholding issues, directorship liabilities/disputes etc.
• Advising and resolving issues on Tax liabilities/disputes
• Effecting Due Diligence checks
• Effecting Mergers and Acquisitions
• Engagement of Contracts and Document Review
• Resolving Post Contractual Contract matters through (Releases /Termination /Novation/Variation etc)
• Drafting and effecting Property Transfer Agreements
• Drafting and effecting Resolutions
• Effecting Liquidations and Winding Up
• Notices, Meetings and Minutes Taking
• Writing Opinion
• Provide corporate address
• Provide Temporary Directorship and Acting as Company Secretary
• Filling and Updating of Statutory Registers
• Procuring Immigration quotas/Work permits
• Negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements
• Incorporation & Registration of Businesses
• Business Registration with Regulatory Bodies (Tax Authorities [GRA], Food & Drugs Authority, Factory Inspectorate Department, etc)
• Applications for Licenses and registration with Investment Promotion Entities (including registration with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) and the Ghana Free Zones Board)
• Filings and Registration of (Charges, Returns, Agreements, Notices and Resolutions) with Market and Regulatory Bodies (Registrar General’s Department, Ghana Stock Exchange, Securities & Exchange Commission)

Our Specified work on Family Law matters include; Drafting and Effecting:

• Simple and complex Wills
• Deed of Gifts
• Vesting Assents
• Pre-Nuptial Agreements
• Trusts and Estate Management
• Domestic Assistants Employment Contract
• Registration of Customary Marriages and Divorces

Our specified work on Credit and Debt Recovery matters include; Drafting and Effecting:

• Loan Agreements
• Finance Lease Agreements
• Due Diligence
• Demand Notices
• Security Appraisal
• Asset Tracing
• Stamping and Registering Security Instruments
• Debt Management, Restructuring and Insolvency
o Distressed acquisitions or sales
o Insolvency Proceedings
o Debt Restructuring and Rescheduling
o Distressed Debt Trading
• Corporate Lending
o Acquisitions and asset purchase
o Loan syndication

Our Specified work on Land/ Real Estate matters include;

• Conducting due diligence on land and related property interests
• Drafting/Reviewing and effecting property sale contracts, indentures and transfer Agreements
• Drafting/Reviewing and effecting Joint Venture/Project Finance Agreements
• Creation of Mortgages/Charges and other Security Instruments
• Partition of property interests
• Dispositions
• Registration of Property Documents
• Payment of Stamp Duty
• Procuring of Consents to convey property interest

Our work on Mining/ Energy involves advising Mining/Energy companies and their Support Service companies on their mining and mining-related operational matters. We advise and assist these companies with acquisition/assignment of mining rights, M&A, Financing/Investment matters, Tax, and Regulatory issues, etc. We work for;

• Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
• Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs)
• Bulk Distribution Companies (BDCs)
• Renewable Energy companies
• Bulk/Retain suppliers of power
• Electricity Sales Service companies
• Power brokerage companies
• Equipment manufacturing companies
• Transportation and logistics companies
• Industrial service companies
• Oilfield service companies

Our Specified work on Intellectual Property matters include;

• Registration of marks, designs, and names (locally and internationally)
• Effecting changes, renewals and restorations of trademarks and names
• Searches on marks, designs, names/ IP history sampling
• Acting as Trademark agents
• Drafting of Internet and E-Commerce Contracts
• Drafting and effecting Franchising Agreements
• Drafting and Appraisal of IP contracts